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  • We came back to work today

    2022-02-11We came back to work today

    We came back to work today. In the new year, I wish you all the year of the tiger, and KGI is booming

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  • Public benefit activities

    2022-01-21Public benefit activities

    Today,KGI cooperates with Zhengde public welfare to visit the poor families in guxia village and send warmth and care in winter to the poor families.

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  • Spring Festival holiday

    2022-01-19Spring Festival holiday

    The Spring Festival in 2022 is coming. According to the production situation before and after the Spring Festival,our company now has the following holiday arrangements: from January 25, 2022 to February 9 (a total of 16 days off, February 10,we will reback to work on February 11st). Before the holiday, all unused power switches, sockets, equipment power supplies, doors and windows, etc. will be closed. We wish KGI's family a happy,happy and peaceful Spring Festival in advance

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  • Birthday Party

    2021-12-30Birthday Party

    In order to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise team and enhance the friendship of employees, on the evening of December 30, with the strong support of the company's leaders, a warm and unique birthday party was grandly held for the employees whose birthday this month, which not only brought everyone a full sense of happiness, but also added a strong color to the company's culture. At the birthday party, when the familiar birthday blessing singing rang, the candles and stars on t

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  • KGI - welcome dinner for new employee

    2021-11-05KGI - welcome dinner for new employe...

    Welcome new employees to join us. Thank you for choosing KGI company. I hope you will work hard and give full play to your unlimited value in your position.

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  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    2021-09-21Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    The Mid Autumn Festival is one of the four traditional festivals in China. Before the holiday, our company gives us gifts, including moon cakes and fruits. We wish everyone have a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

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  • Mid Year feast of KGI

    2021-07-07Mid Year feast of KGI

    Last night, the company held a mid year banquet. At the same time, it celebrated the birthdays of our partners from April to July. It was also the birthday party of our general manager. Our general manager was very happy and everyone was very happy. Thank you KGI.

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  • The Dragon Boat Festival

    2021-06-15The Dragon Boat Festival

    Before the Dragon Boat Festival, KGI prepared a wealth of gifts for all staff, in advance wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

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  • Climbing


    Dongguan Yinpingzui Forest Park is located at the junction of Dongguan Xiegang town and Huizhou City. The peaks of Yinpingzui are undulating. There are many kinds of natural plants, flowers and plants, and countless wild animals. Last Saturday, the company organized to climb Yinping mountain. After more than two hours of hard work, we finally reached the top“ It's really high and open, and there's no big universe. "You can look at the city by the gate of heaven, and there are clouds and

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  • Health examination for employees of KGI in 2021

    2021-03-24Health examination for employees of ...

    Health is the foundation of work. Only good physical fitness can support employees to achieve higher achievements in work. In order to ensure employees' health and reflect the company's care for employees, the company's leaders decided to organize all employees to have a physical examination. On March 24, KGI company invited the health examination center of the Eighth People's Hospital of Dongguan City to come to our company for the third time to carry out the health examina

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