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Health examination for employees of KGI in 2021

View:     Time: 2021-3-24 18:57:29

Health is the foundation of work. Only good physical fitness can support employees to achieve higher achievements in work. In order to ensure employees' health and reflect the company's care for employees, the company's leaders decided to organize all employees to have a physical examination.


On March 24, KGI company invited the health examination center of the Eighth People's Hospital of Dongguan City to come to our company for the third time to carry out the health examination for all employees. All the expenses arising from this physical examination shall be borne by the company.


There are 3 items in this physical examination, 7 tests:


1Blood pressure measurement: to understand the situation of blood pressure and preliminarily exclude common diseases;


2Chest X-ray: assist in the diagnosis of pulmonary infection, tuberculosis, pleurisy and cardiovascular diseases;


3ECG: it has certain clinical significance in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, coronary insufficiency and various arrhythmias;


4Blood routine: it has certain clinical significance in the diagnosis of various anemia, some viral and bacterial infections, allergic diseases and hemorrhagic diseases;


5Three items of liver function: check whether the liver function is normal, which is helpful to the diagnosis of hepatobiliary diseases;


6Four items of blood lipid: for the evaluation of dyslipidemia, to understand the situation of arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease;


7Four items of renal function: mainly used for the evaluation of renal function, protein metabolism and nutrition, which is helpful for the early diagnosis of diabetes and gout.


At 8:00 in the morning, the staff clocked in normally. At 8:40, the physical examination car and the medical staff finally arrived at the scene. After receiving the notice of the arrival of the physical examination car, the staff lined up in order to get the physical examination form, and we started the physical examination! The first is to do chest X-ray in the physical examination car. Pregnant women and lactating women can't do this.


Finish chest X-ray, to the doctor seal, of course, the doctor will be based on the results, immediately give reasonable suggestions, and then go to the second floor to do blood pressure measurement and blood drawing, there are afraid of pain also don't miss blood oh.




ECG on the third floor. It's private. I didn't take pictures. Ha ha


After the three tests, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. Of course, some hungry employees begin to eat after taking blood pressure and drawing blood



Health is closely related to you, me and him. It's not easy to do a good job in physical examination. The leaders of the company attach great importance to it, and all departments cooperate closely. Only in this way can the work of the company be successfully completed. The company truly implements the concern for the health of each employee, and suggests that everyone take more exercise to improve their awareness of self-care The free gym has been in use for a long time. You are welcome to take part in the exercise. At the same time, you should try your best to quit smoking, control alcohol and reduce bad habits such as staying up late. Only in this way can you have a healthy body and a bright future.